Super League Triathlon: Ollie Turner

Finally touched down in Jersey with just days to go until the big dance.

With the course being set up and the big names arriving hourly it’s really hit home that this is actually happening.

I am actually going to be racing in the Super League Triathlon.

It’s surreal.

I’ve now been back in Jersey for nearly 48 hours and already it’s been hectic and it’s going to get even busier. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take a few of the world’s best on a tour around St. Helier showing them some of Jersey’s most iconic destinations. Today I am lucky enough to be assisting Team GB’ Jodie Stimpson with a presentation at Mont Nicolle school followed by a VVIP RBC meal with the likes of the Brownlee brothers. Absolute madness!

Of course the race is also important…

I have prepared and I am ready. I am striving for nothing other than a Golden Ticket in to the championship series. The aim is to rely on my swim and good technical biking abilities.

I am hoping to swim and bike with pack and then give it everything I’ve got left on the runs. I aim to hopefully surprise a lot of people and get my name out there as an athlete.

I look forward to the local crowds and hopefully they’ll give me the drive and motivation to really push that one notch harder and make that top 5.

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