Marginal gains – Barcelona Ironman 70.3

Given our very high client retention rate, we know it’s the small things at Fairway that make a difference whether it be excellent customer service or staff going above and beyond what is expected. Added together it’s these marginal gains that make our team at Fairway special.

The same goes for sport, as a member of the Jersey triathlon club we took part in the Barcelona Ironman 70.3, this was the first time for many of us. As a team of 51 strong athletes we were hopeful that our top 5 performances would count.

Race day finally arrived and you could feel the nerves in the air, the logistics of the race as ever were complicated and caused much debate.


Pre race snap of a few !

Early start for us, we had a 1k walk to the start line, the sea was totally still and prefect, it was a rolling start and before long we were all off. Amazing swim for me I was delighted with 33 mins. The bike course was hilly 3 big ones which separated the tough from the rest of us! It was sad to see so many people stop with mechanical issues, even worse to see so many slide around the corners and end up in ambulances. I was pleased to finish the bike but felt it was much slower than hoped for, on to the run my toughest part. In the blazing sun it was hard to concentrate especially as I had run out of food, thank goodness for the water stations. As you can imagine it was a delight to finish !!

Team Jersey did us proud, well done to everyone especially the age group winners Nick Saunders 1st, Nick Gorrod 1 st, Mel Messervy 3rd, Della Roderick 4th, Richard Tanguy 4th, Katie Silva 4th, Mark Syvret 8th, me 9th, Kristie Clutton 10th, Becky Steen 11th. Super team effort which meant we won our division !!


It’s the small things around preparation and mental state of mind, whether it’s nutrition/ training plans or focus and planning in business marginal gains that count. We hope you are working on yours!



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