Challenges becoming opportunities

In business we all face on going challenges whether it is regulation, compliance or resources and there are days when it is difficult to see the best solution. On reflection, we always manage to turn what appear to be challenges into opportunities.

The same goes for sport, on 20th May I will be taking part in my biggest race ever, the half Ironman in Barcelona. The distances are 1,900 m swim, 90 k bike (on a hilly course) and 21 k run. I will be alongside 50 other Jersey athletes some experienced and many first timers!

Having entered at the beginning of the year, this date has been looming and as everything, has come around quicker than expected. With the mindset that, this is actually an amazing event, which we are privileged to be part of, makes it feel like an opportunity to be excited about.

I thought that this photo summed it up,  here we are on a 4 hour cycle ride, facing the challenges of one lense in my case and waterproof kit to carry efficiently in their bib shorts !


Della Roderick, myself and Jo Gorrod (two Jersey triathlon legends)

As leaders, we continue to work and train hard to drive the business and our sporting goals forward. Spotting the challenges and turning them into our opportunities, we hope you are too!

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